Olle Baertling Catalogue Raisonné Project

Olle Baertling Catalogue Raisonné Project is an ongoing project on documenting all the artworks by Olle Baertling (1911-1981). The project will culminate in a comprehensive publication of his complete works.

Between 1934 and 1981 Baertling created some 900 paintings and more than 100 sculptures in addition to graphic and textile art and public commissions. The intention is to list Baertling's entire body of work in the catalogue raisonné. All known original works will be reproduced in chronological order, from his figurative periods to the exploring of the concept of open form.

The Olle Baertling Catalogue Raisonné project is being made in consultation with the Baertling Foundation.


Call for works

To create a complete documentation, the Olle Baertling Catalogue Raisonné project is searching for information about paintings, sculptures, scale models and projects by Baertling. We would be most grateful to receive details on inscriptions, provenance, exhibition history and auction records for entering in the catalogue raisonné.

Current and former owners of original works are invited to submit information about their works. Please email at info@baertlingcatalogue.se or complete the online submission form below. All information will remain strictly confidential.

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